Marker Eyeliner MATT TATTOO waterproof 24H smudgeproof

Velvet matte finish. Jet black color. 24 h long stay waterproof formula

Matte ultra black felt-tip eyeliner


A liquid matte eyeliner with ultra-black pigments for dramatic definition.

This waterproof formula dries quickly to prevent fading, smudging and transfer for 24-hour wear even on oily eyelid skin. It is resistant to sweat, humidity, tears, rain and snow.

The uninterrupted ink flow from each angle allows the eyeliner to glide smoothly on skin and draw well-defined lines even on top of eyeshadow.

The soft ultra-fine easy-to-control applicator precisely draws thin-to-thick lines. It is also great for filling in spaces between the lashes.

It is removed in seconds with any makeup remover.

Made in Germany.