Lipstick Glam Look Cream Velvet

Creamy texture, velvet finish and luxurious shades – this lipstick has everything to meet fashion trends in the world of makeup.

Velvet creamy lipstick


A velvet creamy lipstick with high-pigment color and satin finish, which provides full coverage in one swipe.

It fills in fine lines and hides imperfections, leaving the lips smooth and delivering a comfortable lightweight feel.

Formulated with over 50% emollients, the lipstick moisturizes, softens and protects the lip skin, while antioxidant vitamin E has a rejuvenating effect.

Recomended Usage

Apply to lips directly from the lipstick bullet or using a lip brush.


Texture: creamy

Finish: velvet

Advantages: no glossy shine, elegant shades for everyday makeup

Beneficial ingredients: vitamin E, castor oil, triglycerides