For face strobing and contouring with powder products

Fan powder brush MAXI


The large fluffy fan-shaped brush allows you to apply and blend powder products for face strobing and contouring (highlighter, bronzer, sculptor, blush) with professional precision. Its densely packed soft synthetic bristles provide maximum comfort in contact with the skin and deliver a sheer veil coverage. It gently disperses powder formulas and perfectly blends them into skin for a visual polishing effect.

The fan brush is great for using on the décolleté and for removing excess makeup from the face (for example, eyeshadow fallout under the eyes) without disturbing the makeup.

Recomended Usage

Pick up a small amount of product with the brush, gently shake off excess powder, and apply to skin with light sliding motions.

Use the brush edge to define the cheekbone line.

To remove excess makeup, sweep it off the appropriate area of the face with the brush.